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Updated 5/4/12

The LAUSD Elementary Arts Program is scheduled for a 100 percent cut for 2012-2013. Under current budgeting, The Arts Branch administrative staff is budgeted to be reduced to one position. 10 years of growth are set to be lost, and the District may never recover. This is the time to fight before we lose what is left of what is considered one of the best elementary arts programs in the nation!

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Save the Arts, an organization dedicated to preserving arts education in LAUSD, will hold a fundraiser event and art auction for the Arts Education Branch at the Cocoanut Grove Auditorium Theatre on Saturday, June 2, 2012. All donations through Save the Arts will be used to save arts teacher positions or fund arts materials in LAUSD schools. We'd love your donations!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rally for Arts Education : Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Some scenes from Saturday's Rally for Arts Education and Measure E across the street from Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Hope. A wonderful coming together of supporters of Arts education in LAUSD: parents, students, teachers and advocates.

Featured performances and speaking by:
Santee High School Drum Corps
Walter Reed MS Sax Trio
Nile El Wardani
Sandra Tsing Loh
UTLA President AJ Duffy
School Board Member Steve Zimmer
Many other LAUSD teachers and students, ages 6 and up! 

Twelve video clips from parent Jerry Lazar :


More video from music teacher Sam Liu: search utlarts on you tube for more.
Measure E Rally Part 1

Measure E Rally Part 2

Parent Angela Tietze's shots: